Monday, March 15, 2010

CIO update

A while ago I posted that I was beginning to allow Adelle to cry it out before nap times and she is doing well falling asleep on her own. I was not very diligent at the beginning but after a week of solid schedule and a good routine she is doing much better. It was not as hard as I anticipated and I am no longer holding my breath every nap praying that she will not cry and just sleep.

I can hardly believe that it has been almost 8 weeks since she was born time has gone so fast!! She was out of newborn clothing after about 3 weeks and I am not sure how much longer she will be in 0-3 month clothes. She is growing so fast! We go for her 2 mo check up on Wednesday, I am excited to see how much she has grown!
This photo may be little gross but she was so cute so I have to share it!! She had just spit up and I laid her on my lap to wipe her face off and she started smiling like crazy so I took pictures of her, it was really cute! She often sticks out her tongue when she smiles.
All clean!
Bundled up for her first walk in the sunshine!
Adelle and cousin Emory.
"My Auntie Loves  Me!"

This is the best job ever!!  The pay is amazing and it is so much fun!

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  1. I like the spit-up picture! She's adorable, Kristi!