Monday, July 19, 2010

New Adventures!

It has been about three months since I have updated and so much has happened since then! I am back to work 2 days per week and John is in school. We have been extremely busy and sometimes I feel like I can barely keep my head above water. However I think that we are getting in a groove and I am becoming more accustomed to our ever changing schedule!

Diapering will never be the same! I think that I might be in LOVE with cloth diapering!! Even though our stash of diapers in very modest I have big plans for the next baby (that was not an announcement). I cannot wait to try pocket diapers, all in one diapers, flat diapers, flip diapers and more! I am not buying these diapers currently but when the time is right I intend to indulge my current addiction! Currently we use prefold dipes with a few fitted diapers for night time (they are thicker). I am rigorously researching buying more diapers that will be more user-friendly for grandparents, babysitters and traveling. I would like to transfer exclusively to cloth diapering and I am very close to a conclusion. I think that the Flip diaper will fulfill all the requirements that I have. I am super excited about cloth diapering our next little bundle of blessings (not an announcement)!

Our next big adventure is starting solid foods! I am not super excited about this because it is just easier to nurse her and go but I have got to start sometime and I think that she is ready! So today Adelle will experience the smooth texture and mild taste of Avacodo!
Our darling daughter is growing fast and on July 3 she rolled over for the first time and today she did it again. She spends most of her awake time on the floor and is just beginning to turn in circles and scoot around. It takes her awhile to move a few inches but she is moving! Mostly she kicks her feet and the motion inches her around! Today she is 6 months old! This has been the fastest 6 months of my life and I am sure the next years will fly by just as quick! I cherishing every moment that God has given us!

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  1. It's weird, this cloth diaper addiction, isn't it! I love them, too, however I don't do them at night for fear of leaks. I'd like to try applecheeks..heard good things about them. I have the flip disposable inserts but haven't tried them or the cloth version. Keep me posted of your findings!