Monday, April 19, 2010

Sharing Recipes

I am inspired by my dear friend Noelle to start sharing recipes that John and I have enjoyed. I get most of my recipes from, Pioneer Woman and an assortment of cookbooks that I have on hand. Tonight we enjoyed a Mediterranean stuffed chicken. It was delicious!! I am still amazed (even after 2 years of cooking) how easy it can be turn out a delicious meal! Here is the link to the chicken recipe I did not have feta cheese so I used a little blue cheese instead. John is not a fan of blue cheese and I thought that he would not notice if I only used a little bit. Well he liked the chicken but he could still taste the blue cheese. I truly think I have married a man with the most sensitive taste buds in the world! He has said in the past that one day he should be a taste tester!! To adorn the chicken I made hummus, pita bread and a green salad. The hummus was good but a bit grainy (any advice on how to make it smoother?). All in all it was a great meal! I am always interested in what other people make for dinner and am always on the look out for new recipes so if you have any suggestions please me know!!!

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  1. I love Pioneer Woman! Thanks for sharing your recipe! Keep 'em coming. I'm quite bored with mine. I made PW's cauliflower soup and olive cheese bread - RUN don't walk to the store to get the ingredients! The bread was SO yummy! What's your hummus recipe? John suggested I make it, instead of buying it...never thought to make it!